Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Camp" Corn Bread Muffins

Hot and delicious right out of the
oven...just like at camp!! 

This Sunday we are going up to Wisconsin to visit my daughter at camp for visitors’ day – the same camp that I went to for 10 summers!  So, when my daughter decided that she wanted to go to the same sleep away camp I went to, I was pretty happy.  We actually went to visit the camp for a day last summer (my first time back in a long time) and it was literally a trip down memory lane.  Some of the landmarks have significantly changed (Leech Lake doesn’t have leeches anymore for one), but as much as things change they stay the same.  The Melechet Yad (art room), Beit Kneset (shul), and Marp (infirmary) are all in the same spots they were in when I was there for so many summers.  The Chadar Ochel (lunchroom) is exactly the same, and being there brought back a lot of memories of “bug juice”, some of the worst meals I ever had, and some of the best! My love of grilling and barbecue dates all the way back to my days as a camper and camp counselor.  I was one of the few that actually paid attention when they taught us how to build a “cooking fire”, and by the time I was a counselor my group was one of the lucky ones that had properly cooked meals on overnighters!  One of my favorite camp foods was Corn Bread.  The camp version was a little sweeter than most of the recipes that you find today.  It was served to us warm and in large squares with sticks of butter on the table to spread quickly before it melted.  In honor of going back to camp this Sunday I am sharing with you my recipe for “CAMP” CORN BREAD MUFFINS.  A little sweeter like the ones I remember from camp, you can serve them warm with large pats of sweet butter just like my old camp days. 

We really miss our daughter and can’t wait to see her (and are looking forward to her coming home in a few weeks too)!  I wonder if they’ll serve Corn Bread on visitors’ day…

Makes 24 muffins
2          cups                 ground corn meal
2          cups                 all purpose flour
½         cup                   sugar
8          teaspoons         baking powder
1          teaspoon          salt
2          cups                 soy milk
2          large                 eggs
½         cup                   canola oil

Preheat oven to 375°F.  Place 24 muffin tins with paper baking cups.  Set aside

In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients.  Add the soy milk, eggs, and canola oil and stir until combined.  Using a large scoop evenly distribute the batter in the 24 cups.  Place in oven and bake for 18 minutes until lightly browned.  These are best served warm with butter.

Note: Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer.  Warm for 15 seconds in the microwave for fresh out of the oven tasting muffins.

 So simple to make...
combine dry ingredients in
a large bowl...
 add the wet ingredients...
then mix until combined.
 Evenly distribute in the pan...
 Take out of the oven when browned!
 Hot and yummy!!
Don't forget to eat them warm
with sweet butter....YUM!!!!

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  1. Hi! We take muffins with us every time we go camping! Have you ever tried including small pieces of hot dog? Corn dog muffins!! The best.

  2. What an AMAZING concept! I love the idea of combining THREE of the things I love the most...warm corn muffins, HOT DOGS, and grilling! You, Mrs. B, are a genius!! Thanks for the idea!