Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dr. Praeger's House Call... A review of the latest & greatest Dr. Praeger's products (great for Thanksgivingakkuh!)

I’ve missed you!!  I’ve missed chatting, corresponding with you, and keeping in touch.  It seems that life, work, life, and more work, have gotten in the way of Kosher Everyday!  Sigh.  Thank G-d, our family had a major milestone last week - our youngest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah (KIH)!  Considering that with a few minor exceptions, I personally catered the Shabbat Kiddush at shul, the extended family meals, and our Sunday brunch, and tried to keep up with Edible Experience and my family (oh right…the family!)  it’s a wonder I was still standing after it all!  It was SO CRAZY that I needed the help of a doctor, preferably one that made house calls!  Well, sometimes you get sent exactly what you need.  A while back I received an email from the Dr. Praeger’s rep, asking if I would be willing to review some of the new products the company was introducing.  I was very interested and also asked if the company had gluten-free items as well (I’m a GFE along with quite a few of my readers).  It turned out that most of the products were actually GFE friendly.  The representative was so accommodating and offered to send me samples of a large selection of their products.  Cool, right?  Then I promptly forgot about the whole thing and got back to trying to keep up with my super hectic life.  One day, amidst the chaos, a huge box arrived at my door.  We opened it up, and guess what - just when there was complete pandemonium in my house the doctor made a house call!!  There were all different types of latkes, fishies, little fun shaped vegetable patties, and fish sticks.  There was vast variety and most of the products in the boxes were individually wrapped so that everyone could pick their favorite, with the rest saved for another dinner (no spoiling!).    

Dear Son, was kind enough to prepare dinner for everyone and take the pictures for this article (I should have had him write the review…hmmm….).  

We had a great time sampling the different Dr. Praeger’s  flavors (I grabbed a few in between work recipes), and overall we thought they were just great!  We especially liked the California Veggie Burgers (GFE!), the Roasted Corn Cakes, and the Asian Veggie Burgers (it had a delicious oriental flair).  The Sweet Potato Pancakes (GFE!), Broccoli, Spinach, and Potato Pancakes would be great to eat as latkes on Thanksgivingakkah - flavorful and no mess!  
Dear Youngest Daughter was super happy with her one of her favorite foods – fish sticks (go figure!) being on the healthy menu.    The Potato Crusted ones were even gluten-free!

The food was quick and easy to prepare and I didn’t have to worry that my family wasn’t eating right.  Dr. Praeger’s has a great philosophy: “… good-for-you food should actually taste good, especially if you don’t let artificial ingredients, colors and fillers get in the way. That’s why our products are made with ingredients you recognize, including flash-frozen vegetables and fish from cold Northern waters. Our hearty California Veggie Burger doesn’t conceal its tasty spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots and onions – it puts them right where you can see and taste them! And our gluten-free options are an easy way to keep wheat out of your diet, while keeping the good things in, like fiber and taste bud-pleasing flavor.”  Even Dr. Oz recommends them so they must be good for you!! Thanks Dr. Praeger’s – your house call was the perfect prescription for success in our house!

For more information about Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods go to:

Well, the Bat Mitzvah was wonderful (B”H)!  We were incredibly proud of the Youngest Daughter who had spent months Learning outside of school and prepared a beautiful d’var torah.  She also did an awesome chesed project with a few friends, creating an upbeat music CD – Songs of Strength and Hope, to give to Chai Lifeline girls. Baruch Hashem!!

So…here are a few pictures of some of the things I made.  And yes…they taste as good as they look!  Mazel Tov!!

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