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Kosherfest 2014

Hello All!  For the past six months or so I have had the privilege of writing for the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.  When they approached me to write for them I was super excited - I mean, YES!!! addition to my articles and recipes that you find here you can also find some new, fabulous ones at!  

Today, the Jewish Exponent published my article on Kosherfest 2014 (which was incredibly fun!) but due to space limitations they were only able to publish a limited version of the article (which you can fine here) and sadly wasn't able to list all the vendors and their products I wrote about, and publish all the cool and exciting pictures.  Those are the breaks of newspaper print.  The good part is that I get to give you the WHOLE ARTICLE here on my blog.  I really want to acknowledge all the vendors who spent time and energy speaking with me and giving me all kinds of samples. is the article in full, but please make sure to go to the Jewish Exponent and like my article there.  Thanks!!!

Kosherfest 2014 was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Imagine a bigger than a football field Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, where instead of chocolate...there is every kind of Kosher food imaginable.  Welcome to the world of Kosherfest 2014!  Kosherfest is a Kosher food wonderland that takes place every year around the beginning of November.  The past few years Kosherfest has taken place at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey, with vendors from all over the world coming to show the Kosher (and non-kosher) consumer their new (and some not so new) exciting Kosher products.  There were wines from Argentina, plantains from Costa Rica, Zelda's caramel corn from Chicago, truffle pate' from Italy, Gus' famous Kosher Pickles from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and Bamba snacks from Israel. There were even a few vendors from Philadelphia!  Nearly every exhibitor has a sample table so you have to come prepared to spend an entire two days eating.  There is SO much food that I, like many others, split the sampling into a "dairy" day and a "meat" day so that I wouldn't miss a single sample.  When it was over I was stuffed!

The plantains were really good!
Who knew???
In addition to food exhibits there were also famous Kosher Cookbook authors introducing and signing their new books, like Leah Schapira with  "Secret Restaurant Recipes from the World's Top Kosher Restaurants", Estee Kara with “Cooking Inspired”, and Chicagoan Lynn Shapiro with her book “Food, Family, and Tradition: Hungarian Kosher Family Recipes and Rememberances”, to name a few. If you needed a break from the sampling there were lectures about Kosher food, Kosher food marketing, and even an "Iron Chef" type competition with Paula Shoyer (“The Kosher Baker”, “The Holiday Baker”) as MC, and Naomi Nachman (The Aussie Gourmet), Jack (from Jack's Sausage) and Center for Kosher Culinary Arts pastry expert Chef Phileppe Kaemmerle, as the judges and famous Kosher Chefs as the contestants.  It was exciting to watch the chefs dish up fragrant lamb dishes, sides with Jack's famous "Facon" (a kosher beef bacon), and other unique ingredients. The food they prepared smelled incredible! 
The "Iron Chef" Judges...they don't
look too intimidating!

My personal method for going through Kosherfest is to go up and down each row talking to each vendor, finding out about the unique attributes of each product, and getting a  feel for what makes each sample special. There was a general theme of healthier, better-for-you products.  This Kosherfest featured a significant number of gluten-free products, great for the GFE (Gluten Free Eater). Many of the vendors that generally prepare products for the Passover market have come to realize that there is a huge demand for gluten-free foods and have started to make their goods available year round.  Some have developed gluten-free baking products like coconut and sesame flours, and flour mixes that are touted to work better as a one to one substitute for wheat flour.  All better alternatives for the GFE consumer.

There were some definite winners and some products that warrant an honorable mention.  I'm happy to share my top picks with you.

Burning Bush Hot Sauce - Neil D. Wenick President: This hot sauce is awesome on it’s own as a dip, or added into your favorite foods like soups, pizza, hummus, eggs, burgers, chicken wings, or even hot chocolate!

RC Fine Foods Soup Bases & Mixes - Steve Byruch Director of Sales & Marketing: Delicious Kosher soup bases that you don’t have to be hesitant to use.  Why?  Because they are gluten, egg, dairy, and msg free...but not flavor free!

Gus' Pickles “Imitated But Never Duplicated” - This old timer is one of my all time favorites.  It brings back memories of buying Gus’ pickles straight out of the barrel on the Lower East Side of NY.  It’s the first booth I always stop at, there’s nothing like a super sour pickle for breakfast to start your day!

Aromaville Iced Cappuccino - The indisputable winner for the nicest vendors. Somehow I found myself magically in front of the Aromaville Iced Cappuccino sample machine, and every time I just had to have another sample of the awesome Aromaville sugar-free iced coffee.  If you don’t have the Aromaville Iced Cappuccino in your local store make sure to ask for it - I did and now my local store will be carrying my new beverage of choice!

De La Rosa Products “Bringing the ‘Soul’ back into food” - One of best “healthy” vendors, I was so impressed by the quality of De La Rosa toasted oil varieties, traditional and black hummus, sesame flours, coconut products, juices, and vinegars that I became the food writer waiting for samples at the end of the show.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Stay tuned for some exciting sesame flour & black hummus recipes!

Chocolate Chips -  With the “demise” of high quality, easy to find pareve chocolate chips on the market several vendors came out with some excellent options.  Califonia Gourmet premium quality 45% cocoa chocolate chips and Best Ingredients for Best Results - Five Star Foods made from 100% Barry Callebaut chocolate.  Wait for these to arrive on your local shelves...they will be worth the wait!

Cheese:   It’s hard not to be a fan of my local Chicago “landsmen” Oneg & Shtark Cheese company.  Fabulous smoked and spicy cheese blends were my favorites.  Kosher cheese used to be limited to your yellow or white American Cheese.  Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and other gourmet cheeses were prevalent at the convention.  A new company Milano’s Isaac’s is a taste straight from Italy!  It has no fillers, is gluten free and delicioso!  

Manischewitz Company It used to be that Manischewitz meant matzo and gefilte fish.  Not any more!  The winner of the best new Kosher for Passover product (Carrot Cake Macaroons) and Best new Pasta, Rice & Grain (Gluten Free Matzoh Ball Mix) the company is a leader in gluten free products. I expected the gluten free brownies to taste like the old, dry, tasteless, passover brownie mixes we all remember.  These were not your grandmothers passover brownie mix...they were moist and chewy! Although not gluten free, Manishewitz even has a “Chanukah House” kit for fun with kids of all ages!

Empire Family Farm Raised Poultry Company Another company keeping up with the times is Empire, socially responsible dedicated to the principles of sustainable farming, antibiotic free, with truly natural products.  Empire is not just a chicken roaster and turkey company anymore.  You can find tasty, speedy-to-use marinated chicken and turkey products, and awesome chicken sausage. My favorites were the Gourmet Mild Italian Chicken Sausage and the Honey Barbecue Chicken Thighs.

Gevina Farms Greek Yogurt - Rich and creamy you would never guess that the 100 calorie version was only 100 calories.  The company also makes a fruit on the bottom Yo Pri that is made with real fruit and no artificial colors in “9 ridiculously delicious flavors”.

Zelda's Sweet Shop Caramel Corn - Winner of the Best New Sweet Snack, Cookie or Cracker.  Zelda’s, based in Chicago, run by my friend Linda Neiman, makes the best caramel corn anywhere on the planet.  Guests often will bring me a tub when invited for a Shabbat meal, and my family knows I don’t share the caramel corn!  Get your own tub!

Blends by Orly Gluten Free flour mixes - Winner of the Best New Mix.  Orly is a professionally trained pastry chef and has developed a line of specialty gluten-free flour mixes to suit every type of baking need at a one to one ratio to regular flour.  I have my package of London blend which is perfect for cookies etc.  It actually stood up to my chocolate chip cookie test!  Now my gluten-free cookies will “Taste as good as they look!”

Setton Farms pistachio bites and chocolate covered pistachios.  Yum.  Just Yum.

Mikee We all love Mikee’s vast selection of sauces and now there’s a new one to love, Srirachanaise, Sriracha spicy mayo hot sauce.  I begged a bottle to take home to put on sushi, and everything else!  Vegan & non-dairy.

These guys were having a blast!
Sushi baby!
Maztola  “The trail mix of the exodus” - You’d think that Mazto granola would taste like, well, matzo.  Matzola is unexpected and a great crunchy snack...even when it’s not Passover!

Maccabee Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks - so simple but OMG, they are SO good!!!  Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside.

This just says it all!
Allies GF Goodies Gluten free cakes and pastries.  Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake Brownie. Nothing else needs to be said.  

DeeBee’s Tea Pops - Winner Best Overall New Product and Best New Frozen Dessert. 100% Natural, made from tea, organic, non gmo, and naturally non-caffeinated these popsicles taste fresh and gourmet.  Made with the best ingredients they are low in calories too ranging from only 25 to 50 calories, with enticing flavors like Tropical Mango (my favorite!) and Southern Iced Tea.

Azuma Gourmet Seaweed Salad - Never.  Not in one hundred million years did I ever expect that I would eat seaweed.  And like it!  Azuma Gourmet makes several beautiful, super unique and interesting salads that taste great.  I especially liked the hijikiquinoa and seaweed salads, really.

Chocla-Taschen “A Sweet Twist on a Classic Treat” Save yourself the time and effort of baking hamentashen this year!  Chocla-Taschen chocolate hamentashen are nut free, gluten free, soy free, non-gmo, rich and creamy goodness.  They come caramel filled milk or caramel filled dark chocolate.  Hamentashen never tasted so good!

Marzipan Rogelach - Straight from the back of Machaneh Yehuda in Israel, the famous best-in-the-world Marzipan Rogelach are now available here in the U.S.!!  That’s a relief, now I don’t have to bring an extra suitcase with me the next time I go to Israel to bring back kilos of Marzipan Rogelach!

Osem Gratify Gluten Free Cookies & chocolate covered pretzels.  For the Gluten Free Nosher, these simple snacks are the perfect grab-and-go, or tea and coffee accompaniment.  The chocolate covered pretzels were crazy good.

*Toffuti ravioli, pizza & lasagna - I even got to see the “cutie car”

*Quick Lemon Pure not-from-concentrate lemon juice
*Tofurky products

*Shay's Chocolate Old Fashioned Soft Caramels
*Smokinlicious Gourmet Wood Products Smokin' Dust

Use it in your smoker box on your grill!
*Jack's Gourmet Beef Merguez

*Dr. Praeger's Kale Veggie Burgers

*Chilla Beverage Co - Smoothies, Frappes, Coffees, Lattes, and Belgian Waffle Mix
*Connecticut Coconut Sugar
*Dodilly Elegant Desserts

SO pretty I brought it home and
am using it this Shabbat!

I told you Kosherfest 2014 was FUN!!!
My new favorite wine...sweet!
Awesome liqueurs!  My favorite was the Dulce De Leche...right
after the pickles (HA!)
Hot Dog!
Black Mushroom Truffle Paste.  Holy Cow! This is a
mushroom lover's fantasy.
In case you wondered why they called it a truffle PIG!
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May his memory be for a blessing - Yihi zichro baruch.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mushroom Teriyaki Chicken and Grocery Cart Snooping

It’s true.  I am a grocery cart snoop.  I confess that I love to look in other peoples grocery carts to see what new and interesting treasures they found.  I have meddled my way into a plethora of new food items and awesome recipes from friends and acquaintances in the grocery store.  It always seems to take me longer than most to do my weekly/daily/hourly grocery shopping – it’s not just a “find the items on the list” excursion, a trip to the store can be a social and culinary adventure.  I’m sure there’s turnabout too – hmmm what does Sharon Matten have in her cart today?  What is she making for Shabbat this week…and why does she, a pastry chef, have a cake mix in her grocery cart???!!  FROZEN PIZZA??  Maccaroni & Cheese MIX??? You mean she doesn’t make everything from scratch???  You mean Sharon Matten is a mortal human just like the rest of us??  Shocking!!

Anyway, I really do get some of my best recipe ideas from friends while grocery cart snooping.  I was recently in Romanian Kosher buying some awesome meat products when I ran into my dear friend and neighbor Shoshi.  As usual I checked out her shopping cart and saw some pretty fabulous looking, thin steaks.  “So Shoshi, what do you do with those steaks?” I asked.  “Oh my goodness,” she answered.  “My family loves these.  My daughter has a great recipe for them and it’s super easy.”   Well, she had me at “family loves these”, and ”super easy” clinched the deal!!  I had her text the recipe to me, and tried it out for one of our Friday night Shabbat meals.  Basically, you sauté thinly sliced onions and mushrooms, and place them on the bottom of a pan. Then you brown the steaks, place them on top of the onions and mushrooms, cover them with Mikee’s sesame teriyaki sauce and bake for a while.  Super easy!  I was so happy with how mine turned out I even took a picture and texted it to Shoshi!  The steaks were good, but kind of salty from the sauce and I probably should have baked them for a little less time.  The family liked the basic idea of the recipe, and they loved the sautéd mushrooms, but I knew I was going to have to try again.  I do think the recipe was fine – it was probably my execution that was off.

A few weeks later I bought another thicker piece of roast.  I followed the same basic recipe that I did for the steaks and used a different type of teriyaki sauce and less of it.  The result was way better, and Dear Son suggested making the meat with the mushrooms and onions on top.  I stored that one away for later use.
So, this week I was in the grocery Shabbat 5 hours before Shabbat store trying to figure out what to make for.  Have you noticed that chicken has gotten super expensive?  What’s up with that?  What are they feeding those chickens – gourmet chicken feed?   Are the chickens living in poultry penthouses?  In any event the only chicken that was budgetary friendly was boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  I bought two packages and on impulse decided to try to make the cutlets using the sautéd onion, mushroom and teriyaki method that Shoshi had recommended for the steaks.  Since I’ve become a GFE (gluten free eater) I decided to try to make them gluten-free, and bought some gluten-free teriyaki sauce too.

Gorgeous, aromatic, delicious!
Once home, I thinly sliced some wonderful sweet onions and sautéd them in some olive oil with some crushed garlic.  Once they were caramelized I added a pound of thinly sliced crimini/baby portabella mushrooms and a pound of thinly sliced small/medium sized white mushrooms, sautéd them until all the liquid was absorbed, and transferred them to another container to use later.  I then removed the tenders from the chicken (I made chicken fingers from those later), coated the chicken pieces in corn starch, and browned them in the same skillet I had made the onions and mushrooms in.  Although I normally cut chicken cutlets in half to make two thin cutlets I didn’t this time. I was afraid that if the cutlets were too thin they would dry out and taste like salty sawdust.  I made the cutlets in batches and set them on a foil lined, greased baking sheet as they finished browning.  Once they were all done I spooned the reserved onions and mushrooms over the chicken (taking into account Dear Son’s suggestion),  drizzled a cup of GFE teriyaki sauce over the onions and mushrooms, and baked the whole thing for 30 minutes.  The chicken was fast to make…not quite as fast as the steaks were due to the time it took to brown all the cutlets, but still pretty speedy (it had to be – I didn’t leave myself all that much time!). 

Gorgeous, aromatic, delicious!  The cutlets were moist, flavorful, and covered with teriyaki infused mushrooms….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  The decision to leave the cutlets thicker was a good one. They were fabulous for Shabbat lunch the next day as the cutlets had even more time to absorb the melded flavors.  Although most of us loved the Mushroom and Teriyaki Chicken a small number of the more unadventurous Shabbat guests still would have liked a little less teriyaki sauce on the chicken.  If you are one of those ( ;-) ) you could easily add half the teriyaki sauce and the recipe would still be great. 

Happy for our Shabbat guests, but sad for me there weren’t a lot of leftovers for me to eat during the week.  I guess I should really be happy that the recipe was a success!  Happy but hungry!!!  I suppose with the weather being arctic here in Chicago I’ll be able to take some time to come up with some warm, comforting, hearty, winter recipes to sate my hunger and share with you!

Stay warm and Happy 2014!!

Mushroom and Teriyaki Chicken
(recipe can be halved…but why would you want to?!)
12 boneless skinless chicken cutlets, tenders removed
1 cup corn starch
3 tablespoons canola oil
4 medium sweet onions, halved and very thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic, crushed (I used 2 frozen garlic cubes)
1 pound crimini/baby bella mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 pound white small/medium mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 cup teriyaki sauce (can use ½ cup for a milder flavor)
¼ cup canola oil for browning, plus additional oil if necessary
Nonstick vegetable spray

Line a large baking sheet with foil.  Spray with nonstick vegetable spray.  Set aside. 

Preheat oven to 350° F.

Heat the canola oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.  Add the onions and garlic to the oil and sauté until the onions are caramelized.  Add the sliced mushrooms and sauté until nearly all the liquid is absorbed.  Transfer the mushrooms and onions to another container.  Set aside.

Place corn starch in a large bowl or dish.  Coat the chicken cutlets in the starch, shaking off excess.  Set aside.  Heat the remaining ¼ cup of canola oil in the skillet.  Place several cutlets in the hot oil and cook until browned, but not cooked through, on each side.  Place the browned cutlets on the prepared baking sheet.  Repeat with remaining cutlets. 

Evenly cover the browned chicken cutlets with the onion and mushrooms.  Drizzle teriyaki sauce over the chicken.  Bake uncovered for 30 minutes until the cutlets are cooked through.  Serve warm.

Note: To make this chicken gluten free use gluten free teriyaki sauce.  This recipe can be made for Passover as well substituting potato starch for the corn starch.

 Sauté the thinly sliced onions...
Don't forget the crushed garlic!
 Slice the mushrooms...
That's a LOT of mushrooms!!
  Sauté onions until caramelized...
 Add the mushrooms and sauté until nearly all 
the liquid is nearly all absorbed...
Get the corn starch ready and dredge the chicken 
in the starch...
 Heat the rest of the oil in the skillet...
 Brown the chicken on both sides...
 So pretty! Can't wait for the mushrooms!!!
 Top the cutlets with the onions & mushrooms,
then drizzle with the teriyaki sauce...
 Bake for 30 minutes....
 Gorgeous, aromatic, delicious!

Here is the beef I made...
Thanks Shoshi!!!

Kosher Everyday is dedicated to the memory of my father
Dr. Theodore Saltzberg - Tuvia Ben Nachum Z”L
May his memory be for a blessing - Yihi zichro baruch.

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