Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sharon Matten's Famous Matzoh Ball Recipe

Sometimes you just need to punt.  Between writing articles for Purim for three publications, being one of the hostesses for a shower for my dear friend’s future daughter-in-law, getting ready for my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah right after Purim (K”IH), filling orders for customers for Purim, and getting ready for my own family’s Purim celebration, I just can’t do one more thing (ok, so maybe one more thing – but no more than that!).  I know that you all are expecting some awesome Purim recipes from, but I’m going to punt and give you my absolutely famous Matzoh Ball recipe that you can use at your Purim Seuda instead.  The recipe originated many years ago when my then freshman in high school son came home two days before Pesach saying that his Rebbe decided to have the students put together a last minute Pesach cookbook for the class.  Really?  Considering that I had nothing better to do than start searching for a great recipe two days before Pesach, then typing it up so that it was acceptable, I decided I was going to come up with some of my more “creative wise guy” recipes for the book.  I pulled out my Passover cookbooks and came up with recipes for Tongue Polonaise (we are not big tongue fans here), Passover Cholent, and Sharon Matten’s Famous Matzoh Ball Recipe (they come out great every time!).  Well the joke was on me, because I ended up making the cholent recipe for Pesach that year and it was fabulous (who knew?!!) Stay tuned…I’ll share it with you before Pesach. People came up to me and commented on how great the Tongue recipe was (really, they did), and they loved my Matzo ball recipe because it was SO easy and they loved the fact even a foodie sometimes takes the easy way out.

So during this time of Purim turnabout, this recipe writer is sharing my “non-recipe” recipe for Matzoh Balls that you can make for your own Seuda.  If you’re feeling particularly creative maybe you can even make them triangle shaped!  That I’d love to see!!

Happy Purim Everyone!!

Sharon Matten’s Famous Matzoh Ball Recipe
Go to the store, buy your favorite matzoh ball mix, follow the package directions.  Serve with your favorite Chicken soup or Chicken Leek Soup.

Note: When I’m feeling like making the matzoh balls a little lower in fat, I use 2 tablespoons of water instead of 2 of the tablespoons of oil in the package recipe.

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All the ingredients!
 Here are the directions!
(Just don't pack the matzoh balls like
a good snowball...)
 They're even good for you too!
More pictures to follow...

Here are some of the cookies I made
for today's bridal shower.
Mazel Tov Ari and Miriam!

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