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"Chill"-i and Black Bean Quesadillas

Happy New Year!!  We all find the New Year is a great time to take stock in things that we’d like to change during the upcoming year.  I’m strongly feeling the need to eat way healthier than I have been lately, especially since Chanukah was a daily “fried food fest” (not so healthy…delicious…but definitely not healthy!), and winter vacation wasn’t necessarily conducive to the kind of healthy eating I really should have been doing (read: mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!).  So I’m going back to eating the way that I should, take off the extra few pounds as a result, and look fabulous and healthy (especially for my daughters Bat Mitzvah G-d willing in March!!).  

Now those of you that have been reading for a while know of my love of reading magazines in doctor’s offices in order to get the latest and greatest recipes.  If I have to be waiting for the doctor at least I should be doing something fun…right?   Friday I had the privilege of waiting a significant time in the eye doctor’s office and came across a recipe in magazine for Squash and Black Bean Quesadillas.  I loved the idea of adding black beans to a quesadilla.  I often find it difficult to find Kosher traditional Mexican refried beans, and adding easy to find canned black beans to the recipe is a fast, healthy, and delicious way to get around the whole refried bean dilemma.  Using the black beans I came up with a fabulous, fast (and of course spicy!), perfect for a cold winter's day recipe, "Chill"-i and Black Bean Quesadillas that used ingredients I already had in my pantry and refrigerator, and that would be great for warming us up on a cold winter’s day.

A great healthy, warm, and spicy
start to the New Year!!
“Wait!” shouted that little voice in my head (you mean you didn’t hear it too?), “You’re telling everyone that this recipe is healthy…how do you know it’s really healthy?”  That’s an easy one!  I found this fantastic web site, that actually calculates the nutritional information of any recipe and most of the foods that you eat every day.  I entered the recipe for Chill”-i and Black Bean Quesadillas and was pleasantly rewarded.  The recipe IS healthy (hooray!)!! It’s high in fiber, low in cholesterol, low in sugar, high in calcium, and high in vitamin B12.  The downside of the recipe is that the tortillas I used were high in sodium making the whole recipe a little high in sodium.  The way to resolve that problem would be to rinse the canned black beans and to find healthier tortillas that are lower in sodium – an easy fix! 

I shared my quesadilla with my dear husband and all he could say was “YUM!”…always a good sign!  Let me know how yours turn out – you can even send pictures!

For those of you that are resolving to eat healthier too, I’m looking forward to sharing some great healthy, fast and fun recipes with you during the upcoming year! You can make this recipe the first in your “I’m resolving to eat healthier in 2012” recipe database!  It’s going to be a fantastic year and we’re going to have a fabulous time!!

Next Week’s Exciting Preview:  Recipes from the Holy Land (YAHOO!!)

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“Chill”-i Black Bean Quesadillas
2          7 ½ - 8 inch     whole grain flour tortillas
½         cup                  black beans, drained and rinsed
½         cup                  shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, divided
½         cup                  imitation ground beef (like Morningstar Farms), defrosted
¼         teaspoon          chili powder
¼         teaspoon          crushed red pepper

Note:  Adding ¼ teaspoon chili powder and ¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper will give this quesadilla a real kick!  If you like your quesadilla a little milder use 1/8 each teaspoon chili powder and crushed red pepper.

In a medium bowl, combine the imitation ground beef, chili powder, and crushed red pepper.  Set aside.

Heat an ungreased skillet over medium –high heat.  Place one of the tortillas in the skillet.  Top with ¼ cup of the mozzarella cheese, evenly spreading the cheese over the tortilla.  Evenly spoon the black beans over the cheese, then top with the imitation meat mixture.  Evenly sprinkle the remaining ¼ cup of mozzarella cheese over the imitation meat.  Press the second tortilla onto the imitation meat mixture.  Cook for 2-3 minutes until the cheese starts to melt and the bottom tortilla browns.  Use a large spatula to carefully flip the Quesadilla over, and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes until the bottom tortilla is browned.  Remove from the skillet and cut into 4 wedges.  Serve with sour cream or salsa.  (Serves 2)

 All the ingredients....
 The spicy "meat" mixture...
 Heat the tortilla in an 
UN-greased skillet...
 Top with the cheese...
 Evenly top with the rinsed
and drained black beans...
 Add the imitation meat mixture
and the rest of the cheese...
 Press another tortilla on top...
 Brown it...then flip it!
 Almost done...
 Cut it into quarters....
can't wait to eat it!!!
It's SO good!!
(check out the black beans
peeking at you!)

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