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Egg Birds & Scrambled Egg Tacos

Warning: This weeks’ blog is absolutely the grossest blog I have ever written – but it’s also one of the most fun!!  It will have you covering your eyes with both hands…but secretly peeking through your fingers!  You get to do something incredibly “oogy” but amazingly the results are awesomely beautiful!  When you’re done you’ll have a stunning Sukkah decoration and a yummy breakfast/snack!

It's an egg... It's a bird...
It's an EGG BIRD!!
An all time favorite project of mine (and my kids) is Egg Birds!  Although it may seem incredibly disgusting, the most fun part of the project is blowing the egg out of the shell (ewwwwwww!!!) and using the remaining shell as the bird’s body.  It takes a certain amount of skill, and a very light touch to poke the holes in the raw egg without cracking or shattering the egg in the process.  It’s SO MUCH FUN!!  You can use any type of construction paper, aluminum foil, colored or clear cellophane gift wrap, or any other type of decorative paper for the wings/beak/tail…but I strongly recommend using a waterproof one, because if it rains instead of the most gorgeous birds you will have the saddest!!  We decorate the bodies with waterproof pens – and everyone loves to get creative with their personalization of the birds.  After carefully tying a long, thin ribbon around the birds, they are ready to be hung in your Sukkah!  You can sit back and admire them as your flying masterpieces twirl in the breeze.

Breakfast taco is served!! 
So what do you do with all the egg innards when you are done with your birds?  Don’t throw them away…you can use them for easy Scrambled Egg Taco’s or simple French Toast.  Although everyone can make scrambled eggs, I’m including a recipe anyway! When the eggs are done being scrambled, I put them in a crunchy, whole grain, corn taco shell and top them with a little shredded cheese and a crunchy healthy breakfast is served!  You can even top them with some salsa (the hot kind!) to add a little jump start to your morning.

For more yummy Sukkot recipes, check out my article on “A Sukkot Feast”.  Chag Sameach!!


  • 12 jumbo, raw, fresh, eggs – washed
  • decorative paper – cut into 
    1. 5”x5” squares for the wings
    2. 5”x3” rectangles for the tails
    3. 1” x 2” rectangles for the beaks
  • sharp tool, like a mechanical pencil with no lead or a well washed nail.
  • super glue
  • waterproof markers
  • toothpicks
  • thin ribbon
  • bowl to catch the egg insides 
  1. With the point of a mechanical pencil (no lead), or an extremely clean nail or pointed object, poke a 1/8 inch hole in each end of the egg. 
  2. Insert the toothpick into the egg and break the yolk.
  3. Blow into the smaller more pointy end of the egg – shooting the white and yolk into a bowl. 
  4. Rinse the egg out via the poked holes, blowing out any additional water that might be inside.
  5. Carefully poke another hole on either side of the egg for the wings.
  6. Roll the 1” wide strip into a beak and insert it into the hole at the pointed end of the egg.
  7. Fold the squares accordion fashion and twist the edges. 
  8. Using a twisting motion insert the wings and tail into the egg holes.
  9. Draw eyes with a waterproof black marker.
  10. Decorate with additional markers or whatever you like.
  11. Glue any loose wings with super glue.
  12. Cut the ribbon into 18” lengths.  Tie diagonally around the wings, knotting at the top of the birds. 
  13. Carefully hang your beautiful creations in your Sukkah!
Just to make it completely are two videos to demonstrate:

 Everything you
need to make 
Egg Birds!
Once the holes are in
the egg, pleat the
wings and tail...
Assemble the bird....
Then decorate....
A whole flock of Egg Birds!!

  • Eggs from egg birds
  • 1 tablespoon milk for every egg
  • 1 slice American cheese for every 2 eggs, torn into small pieces.
  • Dash salt
  • Corn taco shells (I use whole grain ones.  To make this gluten-free use gluten-free shells)
  • Extra shredded cheese (optional)
  • Salsa (optional)
  • non-stick vegetable spray
 Add the milk to the eggs and scramble with a fork.  Add the American cheese and salt, and mix with a fork until combined.  Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat.  Spray the pan with non-stick vegetable spray.  Pour the egg mixture into the skillet.  Immediately scrape with a spatula.  Cook until egg is dry.  Scoop scrambled egg into the taco shell.  Top with salsa and shredded cheese.  Breakfast is ready!!
A bowl of egg...
Add the milk, cheese and salt...
then scramble!!
You know what to do...
Scoop it into a taco shell,
and breakfast is served!

  You can even make 
French Toast with
the extra egg!!

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