Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Mother's Day Breakfast/Omelet Blog - Written by guest writers: The Matten Kids!

Happy Mothers Day!!

Today, in honor of Mother's Day, my kids (KIH) took over writing this blog!  I hope you enjoy what they've written as much as I did!  A little background information first:  For many years my sweet husband (KIH) would let me sleep in on Mother's Day and bring me breakfast in bed.  Two years ago, when my oldest daughter was 9, he came home from shul in the morning to find that my daughter the CIT (Chef in Training) had already made the most stunningly perfect and beautiful omelet that you have ever seen (and it didn't involve the smoke detector going off like the year before..." everything ok down there? The smoke detector is going off!!).  Anyway, my dearest husband was very happy to pass along the tradition to my kids, and I share with you my very special Mother's Day Blog - Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!! Love, Sharon (and family!)


     Before I was born, my dad used to make my mother a breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. He used to make it extremely spicy and before he could serve it, it always turned into scrambled eggs. When you eat an omelet, you want it sort of spicy. Well, when my dad made it, it was like stuffing a whole jalapeño pepper in your mouth at once. It was not a good mix. But now I’m old enough to make the “Mother's Day Omelet” and my dad always tells me that I do it a whole lot better than he did. And now guess what?  For part of her mother’s day present, she has asked my sister Adina and I (Masha) to do her blog for this week.  The Mother’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed Omelet Blog!!!
     Before my sister (Masha to be precise) started to make the omelet and my dad did it, he sometimes made the smoke alarm go off. Then my mom would ask my dad “Why is the smoke alarm going off?" Now that my sister does it the alarm doesn’t go off anymore. So my mom can sleep peacefully without hearing AAAAAAAAAAAA… anymore on mothers day.


Mother’s Day is a day when people from all over the world attempt to make this day awesome for their mom or wife by making a special breakfast for them. This breakfast is most likely where the saying “it’s the thought that counts” was invented because the majority of time this breakfast is just plain awful or at least could use some improvement. The receiver of this omelet must think “how complicated is it to make a decent omelet?” Apparently, it is not that easy.  The main causes for making an omelet are most likely due to a person’s lack of smell, lack of taste, or no knowledge of how to cook altogether.
Being able to smell is important to being able to make a good omelet because without the ability to smell the omelet probably will become burnt because one won’t be able to notice the omelet burning.  This lack of smell could be due to one of two things; congestion or the person just doesn’t know how to smell.  A solution to removing congestion is to find the strongest jar of horseradish and take a big whiff. It is almost guaranteed that one’s congestion will be quickly removed. If the problem is that one doesn’t know how to smell the solution is probably to go see a doctor and get medical help.  Once this lack of smell is gone one can easily cook an omelet without burning it.  Once a person figures out how to smell again one can focus on learning how to taste food.
Taste is important in creating an omelet because it is important to know if the omelet had been properly made and no ingredients have been forgotten. Taste is much different to smell because it is difficult for one to change his acquired tastes while smell can be maximized to its best efficiency. What is most recommended to help improve taste is for one to not brush ones teeth before tasting the omelet for the toothpaste may leave a lingering taste that might affect ones perception of how the omelet actually tastes. Second,  it is encouraged that one eat something that is unappetizing before eating the omelet so that one truly appreciates the true taste of this magnificent omelet. Once one has figured out how to maximize ones tasting abilities one must focus on the key part of the Mother’s day omelet, how to cook it.

(By Masha Matten)
¼         cup       scallions, sliced
¾         cup       mushrooms, sliced
            shake   hot pepper flakes
¼         cup       red pepper, diced
½         cup       milk
2          large     eggs
½         cup       egg beaters
2          slices    american cheese, torn into pieces
                        PAM spray

Mix the milk, eggs and egg beaters in a large mixing cup.  Spray a large frying pan with PAM and turn the burner onto medium.  Sauté all the vegetables and pepper flakes until they are soft and browned.  Pour the egg mixture over the vegetables.  Cook the egg a few minutes then top the egg with the american cheese.  Cook for another minute, then fold the egg over .  Smush with the spatula to get some of the liquid out of the egg.  Cook another minute, then put on a large dinner plate.  Serve to Mom in Bed!!

Masha makes the omelet...
check out the diced scallions - 
SO proud of the knife skills!!
Everything goes in the pan....
Check out this GORGEOUS EGG!!
(Way to go Mash!)
Adina makes the Strawberry Parfait!
Cut the tops off of the strawberries...
Put them in a fancy dish....
Then the best, most fun part:
Time to have breakfast
That was SO YUMMY!!! Can't 
every day be Mother's Day?!!!

Thanks family...what a great day!!  I love you!!!

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