Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grilled Hamburger Cake - Really!

Grilled Hamburger Cake!
It really looks like Cake!!

On Purim wicked Haman plotted the Jews’ disaster,
But G-d foiled his plans through Mordechai and Esther.
We say V’nahafoch-hu, on Purim things were turned around,
And though in the Megilla G-d’s name is hidden – miracles abound!

For your Purim Seuda, turn things around too…
Because Hashem saved each and every Jew!
Instead of cake for dessert, make it for the main,
It sounds really crazy – just let me explain.

When is a cake, not really a cake – ask if you will…
When can you actually make a cake on the grill?!!
When does a cake have beef, but no flour and doesn’t rise?!!
When you make a V’nahafoch-hu Grilled Hamburger Cake…surprise!

I know it sounds strange, beef in a cake!
But I promise you - this one’s real easy to make.
Two big hamburgers make up the layers inside,
And smooth mashed potatoes “frost” the cake with pride.

A ketchup drizzle, a fancy decoration…
You bring out the cake for the main with no explanation.
Your guests stare with wonder at a cake for the meal,
But you know that this “cake” is the real deal!

For Purim this year I wish you much happiness and joy,
And hope that I have helped you with your own Purim ploy!

Chag Sameach!!!

3          pounds                 ground beef
¼         cup                       barbecue sauce

7         cups                     instant dried mashed potatoes
¼         cup                       chicken consume mix
4         tablespoons           margarine
1          tablespoon            onion powder
10        cups                     boiling water
                                       ketchup for garnish

Heat grill to medium heat.  Divide beef into two.  Form two large patties from the ground beef.  Grill until cooked through, flipping once – around 10 minutes.  Spread barbecue sauce on burgers during grilling.  Remove from grill.

While the beef is cooking prepare the potatoes.  Combine all the dry ingredients until thoroughly mixed.  Add boiling water and margarine and stir until completely smooth. 

Place one of the patties on a large heat-proof plate.  Cover generously with mashed potatoes and smooth.  Top with the next patty.  “Frost” the layers with rest of the potatoes.  You can use a pastry bag to pipe borders and decorations on the “cake”, and can make a “ridged” edge by running a serrated knife along the outside of the “frosted cake”.  Drizzle ketchup along the edge of the cake for additional decoration.

Slice and serve warm to your surprised guests!

What do you need for Grilled Hamburger Cake?
Hamburger, Mashed Potatoes & Spices...

Make the large patties - that's a dinner plate! 
Toss 'em on the grill & cover 'em with bbq sauce...
If it weren't for the cake we'd eat 'em right now! 
Make the potatoes while grilling...
mix until smooth - like frosting! 
 Assemble the "cake" one layer at a time!
 Now cover the whole thing with the potato
"frosting" & "ice" smooth.  Fill a bag with 
potato "icing" and decorate - so fun!
(and SO sneaky!) 
 It really looks like cake!  Drizzle 
with ketchup...slice and serve!

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